The association was launched in Sidon in 1985 under the name of “Association for rehabilitation of handicaps and ills” and began work in February 1986 with a declaration under the number 20 AD 2/2/1990 under the name of “Association for rehabilitation of handicaps and ills”, as a result of 4 years of internal and external expertise and actions.

The association was launched by an active and select group of workers in the social field. The founders were bound by common expertise and experience and shared a common goal; unlimited philanthropy towards persons with mental disabilities. Thus, a center for mentally disabled children was established under the name “Happy Home” as an innovative approach to its activities at the time.

Our Vision

The association envisions a society that is aware and faithful to the rights of persons with disabilities and devoid of social and legal barriers, in order for them to reach autonomy, integration, equality, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity.

Our Mission

We, at the Association for rehabilitation of handicaps and ills, a volunteer-based and non-profit association, work in partnership with persons with disabilities and their families in order to train, rehabilitate, integrate, and employ persons with varying disabilities, of all ages, confessions, and nationalities. This is through the implementation of a rehabilitation strategy based on the framework of society in coordination with existing public and non-public institutions, in addition to investing in local resources to integrate persons with disabilities in society, employ them, and allow them an opportunity of a dignified living free of violence and discrimination, to reach a society that believes in the rights of persons with disabilities. We also believe that through the correct approach and constant striving, our children will be able to integrate in their families and their society.

The activities will be carried out in Happy Home center which is located in Sidon between Ain El Helwe and Miyeh WMieh the two large Palestinians’ camps in South Lebanon, it’s a very poor area which most of the residences there from the Palestinian are not employed and live in a very bad situation in the camps, the whole area around the center is a mixed area which both the Palestinian and Lebanese live together as well as the Moslems and Christians.

The area in general, disable in specific are so deprived from basic services.

For those reasons and others, this plan is very important for the children and their families, aiming to change the life of those children to the better. Happy Home is one of the disabled organizations, which has a good experience in dealing with such situations and such children, it belongs to this area. And all the stuff is from the local community and has good relation with all the families.