a- Computers, TVs, DVDs and a camera: Toward a better quality service, aiming to better equip our children with knowledge in a productive friendly atmosphere. Believing that obtaining new methods and techniques will help increasing our capacity in enabling our special needs children becoming productive and well integrated into their communities, we’re planning to upgrade our classes aiming to make our children more comfortable.

In our aim to improve our services, a plan was made in term of in increasing our capacity and to obtain new materials which help our team to do a better job.
One of our main plans is to equip our classes with different items who can help our educators to deliver their knowledge’s to the children in a more practical way. All the new methods focus on using more and more educational toys and materials, as well as audio systems.

The role of Audio Systems (Computers, Overhead projectors, TVs,..) is very important in the educational process for all children in general, but especially for children with special needs.

The aimed benefits of increasing the use of such materials are:
– Attract the children which motivate them for more involvements in the educational process.
– Help the process of learning by using tangible Items.
– Involve all the senses of the children in the classroom.
– Motivate the children as long as it is an interactive way of learning.
– Build up the team spirit between the children and their teachers.
– Improve their focus by using audio equipments.
– Save teachers time to pass the information.
– Help the children to better learn when they see and touch.
– Mixing education with recreational activities.



b- Equipment for the carpentry: In our rehabilitation process for our children, we have 2 vocational training workshops for the older children. The first is for girls, where we train them sewing, painting, artisan; they’re now able to do most of the items alone under the supervision of their trainer. The second workshop is for boys, where we train them carpentry art work.

In our aim to keep supporting our children, we’re planning to turn those workshops into income generating programs where we plan to be able to help our children earning some income toward their integration into the society. We’ve been participating in national exhibition and found that the items made by our children get interest by visitors.
Toward accomplishing that, our carpentry workshop is still in need for some additional equipment.

By stressing on using such materials, we hope to be able to increase the capacities of our children in an interactive way. Our center is looking to do more qualitative services, where we can empower our disadvantage children in their daily life and for a better future.