Total Budget: 13,070$. 

  • Category 1: Audio Materials:
Item Quantity Price per unit Total
Computers + supplies 7 computers + 3 laptops   10040$
TV 1 460$ 460$
DVD 1 80$ 80$
 Camera 1 340$ 340$
Total (audio materials)     10920$


Audio Materials are needed to:

  • Improve their focus by using audio equipments.
  • Save teachers time to pass the information.
  • Help the children to better learn when they see and touch.
  • Mixing education with recreational activities.


  • Category 2: Carpentry Equipments:
Item Quantity Total
Carpentry Sow machine 1 1000$
Different equipments   870$
Wood Selection + needed materials (for making models)   300$
Total   2170$


  • Category 3 : Nissan Sunny PE model 2012
car Quantity Total
Nissan Sunny PE model 2012 1 15600$



Total   28690$


For our oldest children, we provide vocational training according to their mental capacities; we provide training on sewing, needle work, artisan and glass painting for girls. For boys, we train them on carpentry. In our aim to improve their situations, we’re planning to transfer both workshops into an income generating project. We hope that’ll help the older children to make income, and to help the center financially.

The requested machine and equipments are important to do the fine work within the center.

As for the small car, the center needs this car to transfer 3-4 kids when needed and make all the services of the center including 4-5 trips o Beirut for training or signing documents with the supporting organizations.In this way we can spare the use of the school bus


We hope our plan find interest and support from your respected organization, and we’re looking forward for a fruitful cooperation and partnership to the good of our children who needs all our attention.