Bank account
First National Bank
Saida branch, Lebanon
Assoication for Rehabilitation of Handicaps and Ills
Account #: 0017-149367-001



The number of children in our center is 42 Lebanese and Palestinian from Sidon and the surrounding area. Most of those children if not all, come from low income families. The center has a special program for the parents, inside the center and at their homes. We want to let you know that some of our graduates were able to work in different fields; many of them became able to work in family businesses.

Without the services we provide, the options for these children are so limited. Families cannot afford paying tuitions in private centers.
The center, in its pedagogical work with our children aims to help them according to their capacities to be able to be sociable, literate and ready for integration into the society.
By providing them special education, we’re giving them a chance to become active first at their families’ level and second into their communities toward changing the stereo type people has about disabled